Tugboat SEND Navigation helps families who have a child with additional needs navigate education, health and care systems, while helping them remember that at the heart of it all, they are a family first, with a disability second.

Tugboat provides a flexible, individual approach to steering you through the many and complex SEND systems. Whether you prefer a regular, ongoing support or you like the idea of dipping in and out for individual tasks is entirely up to you. In each case, we aim to build a caring and supporting relationship so that you feel comfortable bringing any question you have to us.

We do not expect to have the solutions to all your problems. But we have twenty years’ experience of problem solving in this world and finding “out of the box” solutions. We are here to help you find the solutions that will work for you and your family.

Steer & Assist

For families who need help with letter-writing, research and advocacy.


For families who are ready to be more independent, but need a little hand-holding.


For families who have the confidence to advocate for their child, but need a little help along the way.