Making Plans

Each Tugboat plan will be different, because each family is different. It’s also really important that you feel part of what happens next.

Typically, the initial consultation and report will lead to a series of tasks to be done. This might include education, health and care tasks, but importantly will include ideas to help you refocus on your family life.

And perhaps most importantly, we will discuss how we can best help your child figure out and communicate what they want, what they like and what they fear.

The Tugboat proposal will give you several options about how to tackle these tasks (from making a phone call to attending meetings with you):

Tugboat steer and assist: Tugboat will do the lion’s share, researching next steps, writing letters for you, making phone calls where appropriate and advocating for you where necessary.

Tugboat coaching:  You will have sessions with Tugboat at intervals that suit you to keep you on track as you advocate for your child. We can check letters for you and give you the confidence you need to steer your own ship.

Tugboat support: You have the confidence to follow the proposal yourself, but know that you can ask for sessions as you need them.