Life and Hope…

One of the most important messages I want to give those of you who find Tugboat, is that life can be good and hope is always worth looking for.

So I’m going to share some of my personal stories on this blog as I go – to give you some very real examples of life with disability and additional need, and how it is possible to find a way to “good”.

Big news for me! I recently became a grandmother! My amazing daughter has complex needs. She needed a special school, and even that didn’t work out. It’s fair to say that she has had some really dark times.

And yet…. at the tender age of 20, she has left home, found herself a rented flat, navigated employment, benefits, household bills AND found the love of her life and had a planned baby!

The new family is doing so well and I’m incredibly proud of them. She is already a remarkable mother, beautifully responsive to her baby’s needs and communicating to nurses, health visitors and social workers like a pro.

Neither of us would have believed this even three years ago – and yet here we are! Hers is really a story of hope fulfilled.

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